Happy bees make the best honey

Our home in the Sunshine Coast hinterland is a pollinator's paradise. With the perfect climate and fertile hills of flowering natives, our bees could not be happier.

The Hive & Harvest team tend to the bees’ every need and plant year round blooms to ensure pollen and nectar are always plentiful.

This helps our bees produce an endless supply of delicious golden honey ready to be delivered to you, from hive to home.


Join the Sunny Honey Club

You're moments away from receiving Hive & Harvest honey & honeycomb deliveries to your door with great savings and free delivery - Australia Wide.

You can choose different monthly intervals that suit your needs and we will send you combination packs that will cover our entire range of honey sourced from our apiaries in South East Queensland and from some of Australia's richest sources of eucalypts and other native flora.

This great value package is the perfect way to add a fun twist to your family's kitchen adventures. And also makes a great gift that will be keep your loved ones happy and healthy all year round.

When you join the Sunny Honey Club you receive just the right amount to keep the whole family enjoying the freshest new batches of Pure Australian Honey. 

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