Raw Australian Honey

Our Honey Farm is a pollinator’s paradise in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland on Gubbi Gubbi Country.

We could talk all day about being constantly stung, or the current affairs surrounding bees!

But our favourite conversations are hearing about people’s love for honey,

the sweet memories of their childhood,

and the special place honey had in their homes.

These are the stories that motivate us to continue our journey of making Happy & Healthy Honey.

We Sustainably manage beehives throughout South East Queensland & produce raw honey from botanically diverse ecosystems.

Seaside Honey. Wake up and ride the wave with honey from coastal gums & melaleucas. Drizzle generously.
Country Honey. Eucalyptus honey from a sunburnt country. Add a dollop to your dish for delicious depth.
Hinterland Honey

Brisbane Honey Jar. Urban beehives keep our city leafy & green. Spread the love with local honey.
Maleny Honey Petite - All Varieties
Sunshine Honey. Happy bees make the tastiest honey. Soak up the sweetness of the sunshine state.