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Hive & Harvest

Maleny Honey Petite "Bee Merry"

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Maleny Honey Petite: A Golden Memoir of the Pure & Natural Flora of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Quote: Bee Merry

Colours: Pinks & Green with metallic embellishments

Bask in the golden embrace of our signature Maleny honey. At Hive & Harvest Farm, nature plays matchmaker as native and exotic flora gracefully unite, capturing the sweetness and splendour of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Each drop is an ode to love, a celebration of nature's grandeur.

Presented in elegantly scripted jars, Maleny Honey Petite offers a symphony of quotes and hues, making it a captivating choice. From wedding favours and bonbonnieres to special occasions, these conveniently sized treasures encapsulate pure and natural honey, serving as a timeless memento of love and celebration.

100g net wt. 

Dimensions 75mm H x 42mm D