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Queensland Nectar Trail Deluxe Collection

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Are you in search of a special gift that showcases the best of local Australian honey? Our Queensland Nectar Trail Deluxe Collection is the answer.

This gift box features four distinct varieties of raw honey, each offering a unique taste of the rich, natural landscapes of Queensland. Included in this exquisite selection are honey jars accompanied by a Berard Olive Wood Dipper for an elegant honey-serving experience.

Limited stock available before Christmas


1 x Seaside Honey (350g)

1 x Hinterland Honey (350g)

1 x Country Honey (350g)

1 x Brisbane Honey (350g)

1 x Berard Olive Wood Honey Dipper

1 x Gift Box decorated with tissue paper and ribbon

Each honey in our collection uniquely expresses its source. The Seaside Honey, sourced from our apiary on a coastal bushland reserve in Redland Bay, is light and refreshing, reflecting the coastal gums and melaleucas.

Our Hinterland Honey, harvested from Maleny, is rich and complex, benefiting from a diverse mix of mountainous blooms.

The Country Honey from Stanthorpe brings you the essence of the Australian countryside with its deep caramel flavours and smooth texture.

Completing the collection is our Brisbane Honey, a product of our leafy city's varied flora, offering a uniquely delicate sweetness.

The Queensland Nectar Trail Deluxe Collection invites you to savour the diverse and wild beauty of Queensland's landscapes, a testament to the wonders our precious pollinators yield.