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Hive & Harvest

Queensland Nectar Trail Set

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Embark on a flavourful journey across Queensland with this curated collection. The set features four distinct 100g honey miniatures — Seaside, Hinterland, Country, and Brisbane — each capturing the unique essence of its region.

Paired with a handy mini honey dipper, it's the perfect introduction to the state's diverse nectar landscapes. Whether for gifting or personal indulgence, this set invites you to taste the very heart of Queensland's natural beauty. Simple, authentic, and undeniably Queensland.


1 x Seaside Honey (100g)

1 x Hinterland Honey (100g)

1 x Country Honey (100g)

1 x Brisbane Honey (100g)

1 x Miniature Wooden Honey Dipper 

1 x Gift Box