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Wedding Favour Maleny Honey Petite

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Maleny Honey Petite - A Sweet Gesture for Your Special Day

Indulge in the sweetness of nature with our exclusive Maleny Honey Petite. Harvested from the vibrant landscapes of Maleny, our honey encapsulates the essence of pristine nectar, offering an exceptional memento for life's cherished occasions.

Variety Options:
Our Maleny Honey Petite is available in two thoughtfully crafted options:

  1. Ready Made - Elegantly packaged, our Ready Made option is perfect for those who appreciate immediate beauty and elegance. To select from our range:

    • View our full selection and pick your favourite jar or even a mix of several that resonate with you.
    • Add to cart.
    • Click on 'view my cart'.
    • Write your preferences in the order's special instructions box.
  2. Customised - Make it uniquely yours with a touch of personalisation. With our customised option, you have the opportunity to:

    • Add your names.
    • Celebrate the date of your special event.
    • Include a heartfelt message.
    • Choose your preferred colour palette to match your event's aura.

Packaging Options:

  • Loose Mini Wooden Honey Dipper: Perfect for the DIY enthusiasts! Receive our mini wooden honey dippers separately, allowing you to add your touch by decorating the jars yourself.
  • Tied on with Gold Elastic Ribbon: A touch of luxury and convenience. We'll elegantly tie the honey dipper onto each jar using a premium gold elastic ribbon, ready to enchant your guests.

The Customisation Process:
Embarking on the journey of customisation is seamless.

To begin your order simply:

  • Add to cart.
  • Click on 'view my cart'.
  • Write your preferences in the order's special instructions box.

Post that, a dedicated member of our team will reach out to you with an array of design options. Together, we'll collaborate, ensuring the label mirrors the essence of your celebration, making each jar an individual piece of art.

Lead Time for Customised Orders:
Crafting perfection takes time. Thus, the dispatch timeline for our customised orders stands at approximately 2 weeks, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

Why Maleny Honey Petite for Your Wedding?
Weddings are an ensemble of love, emotions, and treasured memories. And our Maleny Honey Petite embodies all these elements, making it an unparalleled gift. Its intricate taste, paired with the potential for personalisation, promises it to be an unforgettable keepsake for your guests.

Gift love, gift elegance, gift Maleny Honey Petite.