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Maleny Honey Petite Gift Set

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Savour the delightful flavour of Maleny Honey, captured perfectly in this curated set. Each jar, while holding the golden essence of Maleny, also carries a special scripted message: "Bee Merry", "Don't Worry Bee Happy", "Spread the Love", and "You're the Bee's Knees".

Paired with a mini honey dipper, this collection is tailored for occasions that call for a touch of sweetness and sentiment. Whether it's a celebration or a simple gathering, these jars add a thoughtful essence to the moment.


1 x Maleny Honey Petite "Bee Merry" (100g)

1 x Maleny Honey Petite "Don't Worry, Bee Happy" (100g)

1 x Maleny Honey Petite "Spread the Love" (100g)

1 x Maleny Honey Petite "You're the Bees Knees" (100g)

1 x Miniature Wooden Honey Dipper 

1 x Gift Box