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Hive & Harvest

Maleny Honey

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Our signature golden honey from Hive & Harvest Farm, where native & exotic flora combine to create a fusion that's brimming with natural benefits. Crafted by diligent bees in the heart of Maleny, this single origin nectar delivers a distinct floral taste with a hint of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Echoing the pristine landscapes and diverse ecosystems our bees forage in, it encapsulates the pure Australian essence.

100% raw and unfiltered, each jar is more than just honey; it's a testament to the region's soul, bottled with passion. Drizzle over breakfast, infuse in teas, or savour straight from the jar – every drop is an authentic journey through the captivating terrains of Maleny.

420g net wt.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Australian Honey

Dimensions: 110mm H x 72mm D 

Materials: Glass Jar & Metal Lid. Removable label makes this jar easy to reuse, or recycle.